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My name is Sarah. I am 33 years old and I am living with stage 4 (incurable) breast cancer. My focus is on flourishing in life regardless of my health.

In 2012, aged 28, I was diagnosed with stage 2 (curable) breast cancer. I completed the recommended treatment of chemotherapy, surgery (mastectomy) and hormone-blockers and was told “you are now clear of cancer”. But less than 2 years later, after months of back pain, my doctor told me “the cancer has spread to your spine and is no longer curable”. Since then, the cancer continued to spread to more of my bones, and my liver.

Not content with my prognosis, I set off on a quest to find out all the ways that I could make myself feel better. I have experimented with different treatments and practices, and I believe there is a lot that I can do to support my health and live a good life. But I have learnt a lot more about myself in the process, and I am understanding the true meaning of life – which is to live with as much joy as possible!

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