What is it?

Rebounding is bouncing on a mini trampoline. It is a form of exercise which can be very light (where your feet stay in contact with the mat) or more energetic (where your feet lift off the mat and you can incorporate other movements and / or weights). pilot Why do I use it?

Exercise is good for everyone, but I’m not a big fan of running, or going to the gym. I prefer to rebound because it is fun, plus it contains all the benefits of exercise but with fewer risks of injury because it is extremely low impact. The two main reasons I like to rebound are:

Lymphatic drainage

The body contains a system of tissues and organs which help remove toxins. But unlike the heart, this lymphatic drainage system has no ‘pump’ so rebounding is a fantastic way to pump this system and promote drainage. This is even more important when dealing with cancer because the body needs extra support to remove toxins.

Increasing bone mass and strength

Rebounding is very low impact, but the bouncing motion still has a profound effect on building bone mass and strength. It provides gentle forces which promote new bone cell growth. This is great for preventing, reducing and reversing osteoporosis (bone thinning) which is common in women who take hormone blockers for some types of cancer.

Other benefits include:

  • It normalises insulin sensitivity and reduces blood sugar level
  • It reduces the amount of inflammation in the body
  • It increases the flow of oxygen around the body which improves the flow of immune cells
  • It promotes the production of an immune cell called a ‘natural killer cell’ which target cancer cells
  • It can reduce fatigue (tiredness), reduce anxiety and reduce depression
  • It produces the happy-hormone ‘dopamine’ which shrinks cancer cells

catalog pyridium canada How do I use it?

I have to be careful with exercise because I have cancer in the spine as well as the hip and some days I am in too much pain to rebound. But most days, I can do 3 minutes where my feet don’t lift off the mat. Other days, I can do 10 minutes. I love to rebound to music – it makes it even more fun to do.

unify buy diflucan How much does it cost?

A few years ago, I bought a standard rebounder for about £20. But whenever I used it, I got sore shins. So after some research, I chose to invest in a more expensive rebounder which uses bungee cords rather than springs (Bellicon follow link ). It is like jumping on a cloud and I no longer get sore shins so I use it more often! It cost me £384, but prices vary according to the size and intensity required. Although it was expensive, over the course of a year it works out to be £7.40 per week. And as I don’t pay to go to a gym or go swimming, it feels like a good investment for me.

januvia cost walmart fabricate How easy is it?

Very easy. It is extremely low impact. Your lymphatic system can even feel the benefit if you sit on the rebounder and bounce slightly. And you can work yourself up in terms of intensity and duration. There are YouTube videos with exercise routines designed for the rebounder too. As with most things, the key is to schedule it in so it becomes a habit.


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