buy ventolin assume What is it?

Epsom Salts are a combination of 2 minerals; magnesium and sulphate. It looks like salt (white crystals) that you can add to a bath (or a foot bath). You can also consume them (but only if you buy the ‘food-grade’ version!). moderate Why do I use it?

The main reason that I have regular Epsom Salt baths is for their detoxification effect. They help to pull out toxins from the body as well as infuse the body with minerals to ensure that the body functions correctly.

During an Epsom Salt bath, the sulphate is absorbed through the skin and binds to toxic substances in the liver, turning them into water-soluble substances that can be released through the urinary system.

Sulphur is also required to keep the body functioning properly. It is important for bone, hair and nail health. It ensures proper metabolism (including insulin production). Plus, it helps cells to function normally.

Magnesium is also required to help over 300 enzymes in the body to function correctly. For example, magnesium promotes restful sleep, improves bone health, relieves aches and pains and improves cardiovascular health.

provera price audit How do I use it?

I usually have an Epsom Salt bath 4 times a week. I run a bath and add 3 large handfuls of Epsom Salts (about 350g). I sometimes add essential oils (lavender / lemon balm / grapefruit) which I mix in well. I try to stay in the bath for 40 minutes; the first 20 minutes pulls the toxins out of the body and the second 20 minutes puts the minerals back into the body. During this time, I don’t do any washing as other products (like soap / shampoo etc.) can interfere with the effectiveness of the salts. So I usually relax, read or listen to music. shape How much does it cost?

A bag (from my local health shop) costs £7.99 for 2Kg and lasts about 6 baths – that’s about £1.33 per bath. But for better value, you can buy them online. I buy 25Kg for £32.50 – which lasts about 75 baths – that’s just 43p per bath! How easy is it?

Extremely easy. Unless you don’t have a bath or don’t enjoy having a bath. It is just a case of making the time (at least 40 minutes) to have one. Having a bath in the evening can promote sleep too.


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