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An infrared sauna is a type of sauna which uses infrared light (a type of light that cannot be seen by the human eye) which can heat the cells of the body without having to heat the air in between. An infrared red sauna room will not feel hot when you enter it (like a regular sauna does).

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When you get the flu, you get a temperature, which is the body’s natural way of killing the flu virus. A similar principal applies to using hyperthermia for cancer. You raise the temperature of the body to kill the cancer cells. The increase in heat can damage cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. The heat also stimulates the immune system – boosting T cells which also kill cancer cells. The infrared sauna also helps to detoxify the body by improving circulation, improving lymphatic drainage and stimulating sweat. Whole-body hyperthermia can be achieved using an infrared sauna room, mat, or dome. Or infrared lamps can target heat on a particular part of the body.

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I use a whole-body infrared sauna mat called a “Biomat”. It is a mat which I put onto my bed and then I lay on top of it. I put it on the highest temperature, and then cover my body in a towel and a duvet (for maximum sweating!). I usually listen to a guided meditation, or do my own silent meditation. Nowadays, I use it for about 45 minutes, 3 times a week, followed each time by an Epsom Salt bath. But to begin with, I gradually increased the temperature as well as the time I spent using it. Also, I have read that it shouldn’t be used if someone who has a brain tumour (which I do not have).

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There are a number of infrared saunas that can be purchased for home use. I have the Richway Biomat which cost me about £1,700. I chose this based on a recommendation in a book, but at the time, I wasn’t aware of what else was available. I know now that there are some cheaper models (including infrared sauna domes) which claim to be just as effective. As I haven’t personally used anything else, I cannot comment as to whether it is worth the extra investment. But I really enjoy using mine, and it is easier to store than others.


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