win What are they?

What we say and think affects the way we see and perceive the world around us. So I can craft positive affirmations which are phrases that I say or think in order to influence my conscious and subconscious mind and create more positive life experiences. Affirmations literally re-wire the brain!

nizoral cream uk secure Why do I use them?

Affirmations can be used in everyday life to create a positive mind-set. They can be created for any subject (health, money, work, relationship etc.). And even when I am not repeating an affirmation, they help me to notice more of the thoughts that habitually run through my head any given day. They help me to tip the balance to more positive thoughts. They help me to notice things around me which are in alignment with the affirmation. And noticing more positive things in my life makes me feel that more positive things are happening in my life too.

discuss How do I use them?

First, I think about something that I would like to be true. It may already be true, or partly true, or completely untrue, it doesn’t matter. Then I create a statement which is in the first-person tense (“I”) and also in the present tense. Here are a few examples that I use . . .

  • “I love every single one of the trillions of conscious cells of my body”
  • “I trust that my body is healing”
  • “I deserve to live a long, happy, healthy life”

If the affirmation is so far from being true that it doesn’t make me feel good, I change it to something closer to reality. I also avoid using any negative words and the word “not”. For example, saying “I do not have any cancer cells in my body” doesn’t feel good and feels like a focus on something I don’t want. Also, to get the most out of an affirmation, I try to ‘feel’ the feeling as well as say the phrase.

I have actually created my own affirmation routine which lasts about 5 minutes. I say them (sometimes out loud, sometimes in my head) and I repeat the routine 3 times (totalling 15 minutes) at least once a day. How much does it cost?

It is free, unless you want to buy some information about how to construct them and how they work, such as a book. Louise Hay would be my top recommendation.

set up How easy is it to do?

Very easy once you get into the habit. To begin with, it might feel a bit forced, fake or silly. But practise definitely helps.


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